How to Jailbreak iOS 14.5?

TweakMo Jailbreak Features for iOS 14.5

  1. Checkra1n Downloader — Checkra1n Jailbreak will be supported iOS 14.5 but for a limited set of devices. Checkra1n Downloader can be used to download most suitable Checkra1n version
  2. Colorup — iOS 14.5 Jailbreak Themes collection which has iOS Themes which can be installed without Cydia / Jailbreak.
  3. Online Jailbreak Tools — iOS 14.5 Jailbreak Tools like Odyssey,Chimera, Uncover are available as installable IPAs and no need for a computer to install jailbreak tools.
  4. Cydia & Sileo — Both Cydia and Sileo Demo versions are available for iOS 14.5
  5. Hacked Apps — Apps like Facebook++, Whatsapp Watusi, Spotify++, Youtube++ are available for iOS 14.5
  6. Hacked Games — Hacked games with unlimited coins and unlimited gems are available to download for iOS 14.5
  7. TweakCC — The Jailbreak Tweak Compatibility Checker for you to check the compatibility of a given tweak. TweakCC will show you whether the tweak is working for iOS 14.5 or not.
  8. NGXPlay — NGXPlay App can be installed for iOS 14.5 using TweakMo but it requires root access to enable apps in Apple Carplay.

1. Checkra1n Downloader

Checkra1n Jailbreak can be used to jailbreak iOS 14.5. But it supports a limited set of devices. Let’s see whether your device is supported for Checkra1n. If it supports, find the download link using Checkra1n Downloader

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 — Visit Checkra1n Downloader Page

2. Colorup

Color up is a non jailbroken iOS theme collection which supports iOS 14.5. There are multiple types of themes available with Beautiful wallpapers and app icons.

3. Online Jailbreak Tools

Most of the semi tethered jailbreak tools like Odyssey, Checkra1n and Chimera can be installed without using a computer. Tweakmo allows you to download and install these online jailbreak tools for your iPhone and iPad running on iOS 14.5

4. Cydia & Sileo

Full versions of Cydia and Sileo can be installed only once jailbreak is released for iOS 14.5. But the demo version / UI version of Cydia is downloadable via Tweakmo app.

5. Hacked Apps / Tweaked Apps

Tweaked and Hacked Apps like Facebook++, Whatsapp++ / Whatsapp Tweaked, Tinder++, Spotify Tweaked are available to download.

  1. Facebook++
  2. Spotify++
  3. MagnetoMeter
  4. SetBeat — Free Music
  5. Twitch++
  6. ProTbe++
  7. Live Wire
  8. Plex++
  9. UFC++
  10. Tinder++
  11. VK++
  12. Napster++
  13. Bobby Music
  14. GBA4iOS
  15. WhatsApp++
  16. Saavn++
  17. iTransmission
  18. Retroarch
  19. Crunchroll++
  20. Popcorn Time

6. Hacked / Cracked Games

TweakMo has a set of hacked games with unlimited coins, unlimited lives and unlimited gems. Download the hacked versions of Craft Royale, Darts of Fury, Minecraft and many more

7. Tweak Compatibility Checker

TweakCC is developed by team TweakMo to find out the compatibility of iOS Jailbreak Tweaks. Every tweak does not support every iOS version. So use TweakCC to find out the compatibility of your favorite tweak. Most of the tweaks which supported iOS 14 are supported by iOS 14.5.

8. NGXPlay / Carbridge

Adding a desired app to the carplay device is not that easy. Apple blocks non default apps in Carplay. You can jailbreak your iPhone running on iOS 14.5 and install NGXPlay or Carbridge to install any app. Download NGXPlay using TweakMo or Carbridge using WheelPal



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